Kristen + Kyle

If you want to see what Love with a capital "L" looks like then check out Kristen + Kyle's session. They are the sweetest couple and totally awesome people. I have to give them props for completely trusting me to get super close and grab those really intimate moments. These are some of my favorite couple shots ever and I'm thankful for sessions like these. 


Man oh man shooting with Krista was an absolute joy. She's a KILLER photographer in her own right and working with other photographers is always fun. Krista was super sweet and nailed the looks she wanted. High Five!  


Holy cow Brianna crushed her photos. Like totally looks like a rockstar. She was so fun to shoot and was such a pleasure to be around. Wish I could pull off the black leather coat as well as she can. Give her some love. 

Kate + John

Heck Yeah these two! Kate + John were so fun and absolutely deeply in love. It's always a joy to get to spend time with people who really treasure each other and make sure to laugh together. Check out that beautiful ring/bracelet thingy (sorry I'm a guy and have no idea what it's really called, but it's cool as all get out!) And again this location was killer. Shooting in the desert is now a new favorite thing of mine.